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Join us in our “Odyssey in Small Scale Sustainability”! Our hobby farm is all about small-scale sustainable farming. This is a great place for small farms, sustainable farms, hobby farms and anyone interested in wholesome natural food and organic food production. We’ll dig in to organic farming methods, sustainable practices, tools and resources.

Whether you are a beginning farmer, an old pro or someone who supports their local farms, we will have plenty of good information to go around!

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In our neck of the woods?

We are a real farm located in Middleville Michigan. If you live in the area or if you visit or drive through West Michigan, get ahold of us to schedule a visit to pick up some seasonal produce, some local honey or some of our very own farm crafted products. We have honey hand & body scrubs, lip balms, hot pepper salve goat milk soap and more! Pick up some strawberry plants or Jerusalem artichoke tubers when in season or get a few breeding rabbits or some poultry to start your own sustainable farm.


We could always use a hand! Roll up your sleeves, gain some valuable experience by volunteering your time working with our animals or working in the garden and we will give you some fresh farm goods in exchange. or just come take a tour.

We are a small farm, everything we produce is on a small-scale by hand with love and attention. Our best and most preferred customers are those who have gotten to know us over the years and believe in what we do. Each year we have evolved our offerings and varieties of produce, livestock and other unique offerings. That means  availability is limited and seasonal.

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Kathy Nestell